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Our system makes it easy for anyone to buy the luxury products and services they want, when they want, and where they want. Our payment system allows you to make payments over time, with smaller, more affordable monthly payments.

Consumers are given the opportunity to pay for luxury items over time with minimal fees. This is a new, smart, and debt free way to plan for all of your luxury purchases. If you would like to see an example of our payment structure or calculate the costs of an item, please visit the payments page.

Bronzeson Avenue offers an alternative to consumers who want to purchase luxury goods without high credit card interest rates. Delivery of all luxury goods and services occurs once payment has been received in full.

Paying over time benefits consumers who don't want to spend all of their hard earned money at once, or on one particular item at a particular moment. This system was specifically designed for consumers wanting to pay for their luxury items over time, without all the headaches and worries of paying in full at the time of purchase.

Step 1: Submit Product

Our customers can shop for the luxury products they desire from just about any store. Our system uses manageable monthly payments for high end purchases, making it more affordable, while ensuring that customers receive the luxury products they love at the quality they expect. Simply fill out the request an item form and submit the product that you would like to purchase.

Step 2: Personal Details

In order to purchase an item through the Bronzeson Avenue website, you are required to register and create an online account. The process starts with filling out our simple form, which sends us your contact information, along with the details of the luxury item that you would like to purchase. By creating an account, you will be able to move through the checkout process faster and easier.

Step 3: Payment Details

During the pay over time process, members can access their accounts to view new purchases at any time, along with payment history, payment due dates, and account balances. The methods of payment accepted are: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Pay Pal, U.S. Postal Money Order's, Western Union, MoneyGram and U.S.Bank Cashier's Check.

Step 4: Submit and Relax!

Once your order has been paid in full and is ready to be shipped, we will send you the tracking confirmation for your order by email or fax, and will post the details to your account. All orders are shipped fully insured with the reliability and accountability of UPS and FED EX. Shipping and delivery times are based on business days (Monday-Friday) excluding holidays. A signature confirmation is required on all packages.

What does it cost?

A transaction fee as low as 7% of the total purchase price of the item is charged each month to the consumer, and all payments are held in the member's secured, registered account. Just like any pay over time program, you can use Bronzeson Avenue to conveniently pay for luxury products and services over time and receive your order once the final payment and shipping have been paid in full. If for any reason you may need additional time, we do offer extended payment terms.

Our flexible payment terms make Bronzeson Avenue more affordable, help make you more responsible, and provide an alternative way to luxury shop. More and more consumers are finding Bronzeson Avenue a great way to increase their spending power.

Already know what to do?



TIME PERIOD- Orders may be placed over time for a term of 2-3-4 or 5 months. Customers have the option of paying the order balance in full at any time prior to the completion of the 2-3-4 or 5 month term.

PAYMENT TERMS- All orders placed over time will require a 30% down payment to purchase the item, monthly payments include fees and shipping cost.

ELIGIBILITY- All orders purchased at $300.00 and above but NO more than $10,000.00 of the total purchase price are eligible. There are three purchasing levels with Bronzeson Avenue, Silver, Gold, Platinum and they all have great buying power.

FORMS OF PAYMENT- All payments must be paid on time, and final payment received on time via Credit/Debit Card, PayPal, U.S.Postal Money Order, U.S.Bank Cashier's Check, MoneyGram or Western Union. Credit Cards and PayPal can be used for store purchases, customers can select any other payment method with our pay over time system. 

DISCOUNTS- No online discounts, store gift cards, or coupons maybe used in conjunction with your order.

REFUNDS- Payments and related charges are non-refundable and non-transferable.

RETURNS/EXCHANGES- Returns or exchanges are not accepted on any order. Please make sure to read our Terms of Conditions and Privacy & Policies before making any purchase through our service.

CANCELLATION- We do not accept any cancellations on orders. Payments not received before due dates may result in your order being cancelled. Any order balance not paid upon expiration of the 2-3-4 or 5 month period term will result in cancellation of your order.

SHIPPING- Orders will be shipped once the balance and shipping costs have been paid in full.

Member Benefits

Your journey with Bronzeson Avenue begins as a Silver member! There are three tier levels to the Bronzeson Avenue membership and they all start with great purchasing power.

You can achieve a higher status in the tier system as you grow with the program. Each level has a unique set of purchasing power and privileges for you to work with. Your status is determined by the amount of purchases that you have made through Bronzeson Avenue.

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