About Bronzeson Avenue

The Bronzeson Avenue mission is to be the leading purchaser for authentic luxury goods. As one of the top buyers of luxury merchandise, we provide unprecedented access to these exclusive luxury brands, and allow consumers to buy what they want, when they want, and where they want.

We know how much you value service, your time, and access to the luxury brands that you've come to love. We have been working hard to create a one of a kind shopping experience that truly cuts through all the red tape. At Bronzeson Avenue you can expect something new and very exciting.

Bronzeson Avenue, Inc. is a company that was founded in 2015, with the sole mission of being the leading purchaser and provider of luxury items and services.


Our customers range from celebrities to anyone who appreciates the fine craftsmanship and fashion of today’s finest luxury brands.

We believe that buying luxury goods should be made easy, simple and exciting. Our mission is to be the leading buyer of all luxury items, from designer bags to watches, jewelry, accessories, and much more.

We’ve done something very new, exciting, and different, and built a shopping experience that is the very first of its kind, with just the right amount of buying power for today’s luxury consumer.

Our passion for luxury and fine products is what has inspired us to create this wonderful, upscale shopping experience. Our customers can shop for luxury products that they desire from just about any store. Our system uses manageable monthly payments for high end purchases, making it more affordable for everyone, and allowing customers to receive the luxury products they love at the quality they expect.

Our goal here at Bronzeson Avenue is to help you get the most out of your luxury shopping experience. We are dedicated to helping you obtain exactly what you want when looking for that special item. Sometimes you might see an item that you just can't live without, but you are thinking it's not quite the right time to buy. Now, with our easy and convenient service, that runway handbag or beautiful pair of high heels is only a click away.


Luxury goods are products and services that are considered essential to some and are associated with affluence. The concept of luxury has been present in various forms since the beginning of civilization. Its role was just as important in ancient western and eastern empires as it is in modern societies. Some might say it represented a difference between social classes in earlier civilizations. The consumption of luxury goods was originally thought to be limited to just the elite class, but thanks to Bronzeson Avenue, this is true no more.

Authenticity Guarantee

Bronzeson Avenue offers access to only the best brand names and highest quality goods and services, and proudly stands behind the authenticity of its goods. In some instances, these goods may not be obtained directly from the designers, but may have been purchased from reputable resellers. In this regard, Bronzeson Avenue expressly disclaims that it is not an authorized dealer or agent of any of the designers whose goods are offered on and through this site. Being your trusted online source for luxury shopping, we guarantee the authenticity of every item we purchase and sell, so that you can shop without any worries. All of the items bought through Bronzeson Avenue include the original paperwork, packaging, bags, boxes, and wrapping.