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How to Be the Ultimate Host This Holiday Season

Dec-12-2017 - posted by John Doe

The holidays are a wonderful time for friends and family far and near to gather together.  It is a wonderful tradition to end the year together and spend time in each other’s company.  If you are one of the gracious people who is hosting this holiday season, we have a few pointers for how to be the ultimate host. UberEVENTS - Never worry about your guests leaving your event late at night with this self-service solution from the driving company Uber.   Decorate Your Home - Set the stage for a winter wonderland, a snowy retreat, or Santa’s workshop with your home decorating. Choose a theme for your decorating and then let that guide you as you select items to decorate your home for your get together.  Tablescapes - Set the tone for your event with a fabulous tablescape.  Choose colors or a theme for your event, and then start planning. Stock Your Home Bar - Cocktails make for great holiday get togethers.  According to an analysis by Gizmodo, a well stocked home bar should contain these spirits: Vodka, Gin,Bourbon, Bitters, and Sweet Vermouth. Make sure your home bar is well stocked before your event. Indulge Your Palates- Set the stage for the main course with the most luxurious appetizers available.  Caviar is a time honored choice, sure to delight your guests. A Different Kind of Home Bar- Earlier we mentioned having a well stocked home bar.  When the meal is over, treat your company to a different kind of bar.  Dessert bars are not just for wedding receptions.  Guests of all ages love to indulge their sweet tooth, and a selection of fine desserts and pastries is a luxurious way to end the meal.